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Verse Suggestions:

1.  The love you have given us
      will last a lifetime.
    Go to a higher safer place
      our precious child.

2.  In memory of our precious child.
   You will be in our hearts forever.
    May God watch over you always.

3.  Remembering a tiny Angel.
     So small. So sweet.
   Sleep my little one sleep.

4.  Mummy and Daddy’s
      little Angel.

5.  Our love will fly to you
  each night on Angels wings.
   Sweet dreams little one.

6.  God took xxxxx home.
     It was His will.
    But in our hearts
    she liveth still.
  We will love you always.
     Mummy and Daddy.

7.  Another Angel in heaven.

8.  I will feel your warm heart
       next to mine always.

9.  Forever in our hearts.

10.  Sleep peacefully
          our baby
      til we meet again.

11.  The warmth from your heart
      surrounds me in sunshine.

12.  If only I could turn back time
       I would still have my xxx
    If only I could turn back time
      Then I wouldn’t be so sad.
           Lots of love xxxx

13.  Loving xxxxxx, tender and kind.
        What a beautiful memory
            you left behind.

14.  Fond memories linger every day.
      Remembrance keeps xxx near.
          Your loving xxxxxx.

15.  Always bless us with your presence.
         The warmth in your heart.
        The softness in your voice.
     The tender caress of your arms.
          Always in our hearts.

16.  Don’t think of him as gone away
          his journeys just begun.
          Think of him as resting
      from the sorrows and the tears.
         Think of him as living
    in the hearts of those he touched.
     For nothing loved is ever lost
       and he was loved so much.

17.      In memory of xxxxxx
            Loved by all.
     Loving husband of xxxxxx
Loved father of xxxx, xxxx,xxxx.
Loving Grandfather of xxx, xxxxx, xxxxxxx.
         He loved them all.

18.  Forever in our thoughts.

19.  Forever in our memory.

20.  Forever remembered.

21.  Your memory will live forever in our hearts.

22.  Remembered with love.

23.  Now at peace forever.

24.  In God’s Care.

25.  Life and love know no end.

26.  Treasured Memories.

27. Goodbye My Darling.

28.  So dearly loved, so sadly missed.

29.  A life that was good, a heart that was kind,
       a beautiful memory, you have left behind.

30.  Although you are no longer here,
   Treasured memories will keep you near.

31.  Your memory is the greatest treasure to
      have and to hold in my heart forever.

32.  Through the heartache and the pain,
   my/our love for you will always remain.

33.  Death will not part us,
       nor distance divide.
      forever and always,
     you will be by my side.

34.  I cannot stop the hands of time,
       nor live again the past,
   but I shall love and think of you
      as long as time shall last.

35.  Suddenly you were taken,
   we could not say goodbye,
   we now have only memories,
   that we know will never die.

36.  You had a smile for everyone,
      you had a heart of gold,
    you left behind the memories,
      that we will always hold.

37.  May the winds of love blow softly,
       and whisper for you to hear,
   that I/we will love and remember you,
       and forever keep you near.

38.  The things I/we feel so deeply,
     are the hardest things to say,
     you will always be remembered,
        in a very special way.


39.  Thank you for the years we shared,
   the love you gave, the way you cared,
     in our hearts you’ll always stay,
      loved and remembered every day.

40.  God saw that you were weary,
     He did what He thought best,
    and gently held you in His arms,
     and said come with Me and rest.

41.  Out of this world of suffering,
       into God’s garden of rest,
    it must be a beautiful garden,
      for He only takes the best.

42.  We knew the time was coming,
   when we would have to say goodbye,
   our hearts are filled with sadness,
        but memories never die.

43.  In our hearts you will always stay,
       loved and remembered every day.

44.  Thanks for a lifetime of memories,
        for your love and kindness,
           help and encouragement.

45.  You never failed to do your best,
      your heart was true and tender,
   you simply lived for those you loved,
      and those you loved remember.

46.  If tears could build a staircase
        and memories build a lane,
       I’d walk right up to heaven
         and bring you home again.

47.   Life is not measured
     by the years you live,
    but by the love you gave,
     and the things you did.

48.  My heart aches with sadness,
       My secret tears flow,
   For what it means to lose you,
       No one will ever know.

49.  Our thoughts are always with you,
       your place no one will fill.
       In life we loved you dearly,
        in death we love you still.

50.  To hear your voice, to see you smile,
        to sit and talk to you awhile,
   to be together in the same old way,
     would be our greatest wish today.

51.  If I could have a lifetime wish,
      a wish that would come true,
  I would want to wish with all my heart,
         for yesterday and you.

52.  It’s not what we write,
      It’s not what we say,
    it’s how we remember you,
     in our own special way.

53.  We didn’t see you close your eyes,
           we didn’t say goodbye,
   we were only told that you were gone,
          without a last goodbye.

54.  Tears in our eyes, we can wipe away,
    but our love for you, will always stay.

55.  We will always love you and miss you,
          and will never forget you.

56.  Close to our hearts you will always stay.
         Loved and remembered every day.

57.  Fond memories will always remain of so
        many happy hours spent together.

58.  Silent thoughts of times together,
    hold memories that will last forever.

59.  We have so many happy memories.
   You will be forever in our hearts.

60.  God has you in his keeping,
     we have you in our hearts.

61.  You will be in our thoughts every day,
     and in our hearts you will always stay.

62.  Just as you were you will always be,
       a beautiful part of our memory.

63.  In God’s care he rests above,
   in our hearts he rests with love.

64. Words are few, thoughts are deep,
    memories of you are ours to keep.

65. He was always unselfish, helpful, and kind,
     what beautiful memories he left behind.

66.  No longer in our lives to share,
  but in our hearts he will always be there.

67.  You shared my life and troubles,
       The laughter and the tears,
     You gave me loving friendship,
      Through all the loving years.

68.  It’s hard to walk the road alone,
        Instead of side by side,
  But there comes a time for all of us,
    When the path of life divides.
   And as you have gone before me,
        One thing I ask of you,
  Walk slowly down the heavenly path,
       Till I catch up with you.

69.  A chapter completed,
       A page is turned,
       A life well lived,
       A rest well earned.

70.  A special person, a special face,
     a special someone we cannot replace.

71.  A tender thought that brings a tear,
      A silent wish that you were here.

72.  Your memory we will always treasure,
    and love and keep in our hearts forever.

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